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Trip Glossary

Some terms, names and traditions you should familiarize yourself with

God Bless America: The opening ceremony at the CPK, all members on the trip sing this great song, led by any newcomers on that year's trip. See an example here

LUUU-OWWW: The chant, performed in call and response, of one of our beloved members' nickname, "Luau"

Power Walk: A walk too early for most of the young folks to be up for, usually trekking the Strip to get bagels or donuts at Bagelmania, as well as to see if the Westgate has props to bet on for the CPK later that day. 

Rutgers University: Alma mater of many of the important figures of the trip, part of the impetus of the trip as the Original 6 went there. They have never been in the tournament while the trip has been going on (Sweet 16 or Elit 8). But there's always next year.

Saturday Night Banquet: The cap to the Boys' Vegas Trip. Everyone gathers for a nice banquet dinner, awards are given, the trip discussed, and great food eaten. A lovely way to send everyone off for another 360ish days of waiting to get back. 

Stop It Now: Often said when your team is winning, whether or not you feel confident in that continuing to be the case. So, why not stop it now and secure the win?

The Table-Financing Bet: A bet of $100 placed by everyone going to the club that night (and some generous older benefactors) to help reduce costs for the table...if you win, it's electric. If you lose...better hope it was in a funny way.


The 'Tipper' Award: Given in loving memory of one of the late founding members of the trip, Jeff "Tipper" Kornbau. An award given to those who honor his spirit, bringing joy, love, and so much more on the trip.

The 'Who the Fuck Are You?" Award: Given to one member on each trip, usually some guy we've never seen before. No one knows who the fuck this guy is. Did he just show up? Is he with you? We don't know. Congrats on the win and welcome to the tribe. It's unlikely to repeat winning this award but never say never.

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